How Bunking Works

Bringing People Together

Bunking is a social marketplace that connects like-minded people, based on shared interests for short or extended overnight stays. Interests range from thrill-seeking to psychology, to knitting. Whether you want to master a craft, start fresh, network, or make friends, Bunking accommodates your goal and passion for pursuing more.

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Split Costs

Save money and split up the costs of stays, excursions, and more.

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Get back to real-world connections beyond your screen.

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Get peace of mind when you stay with verified Members. 

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How To Use Bunking

Bunking is simple, just find a Planned Trip you’re interested in and request to join.

Keep in mind groups are curated to ensure compatibility between BunkMates based on the Organizer’s desired characteristics. When you’re accepted in the 24hr time frame, you’ll be ready for your upcoming adventure.

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What is a Trip Idea?

What’s your dream adventure? Similar to Planned Trips, they are your wild, or simple ideas to get a group of people together anywhere in the world, over any shared interest. The main difference is that Trip Ideas don’t yet have secured accommodation. 

Organizers can post these to see if there is a real interest from the community in attending before actually booking anything. When a Member shows interest in a Trip Idea, they are notified first when the Organizer converts it into a Planned Trip.

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Become an Organizer

Organizing Trips is a great way to generate cash or cover your stay while traveling worldwide. As an Organizer, you're given the opportunity to curate and connect a group of individuals for a unique experience in whatever interest you choose.

How To Host

Trip Types

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Find people to experience the world with you for leisure or aspiration.

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Shared Living

Give your day-to-day living a purpose and connect with those like you.

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Remote Work

Dip into the nomadic lifestyle and make your office anywhere in the world.