The Bunking Referral Program

Earn more by sharing your experience

Are you looking to earn money that can be put towards epic adventures or once-in-a-lifetime travel opportunities? It’s as simple as Organizing a Planned Trip and receiving rewards when BunkMates pay to be part of the Trip. As the Referral Partner, you will receive 7% of the BunkMates payment which means you’re making money just by sharing your code. 


How to participate

In order to participate, you will be provided with a personalized link and code that can be used to share with your friends, family, or like-minded connections. Making money has never been easier; you will be rewarded with real cash that can be used on your next adventure. When your Planned Trip ends, you will no longer be able to earn money from referrals but not to worry, you can take advantage of the program next time you host a Planned Trip!

Earn real rewards by referring an Organizer

Do you know someone with a property that would be perfect for Organizing Planned Trips? If you have someone in mind, it’s as simple as referring them with a personalized link or code that you can share to earn real cash. For all of your hard work, you will be rewarded with 2% of the revenue made from all of the Organizers’ Trips for their first year on Bunking. 

This means that you will be earning money each time the Organizer you referred starts a Trip with the property you outlined for an entire year. After the year has ended, you will no longer be eligible to earn rewards but you can refer as many property owners as you see fit.


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