Code of Ethics

Community Standards

By agreeing to Bunking’s Terms of Service, you agree to acknowledge and follow our Code of Ethics to the best of your ability when you are using, interacting with, or enjoying an experience through the Bunking Platform. 


Code of Ethics

Herein this section “I” is referred to You as the “User/Member/BunkMate”.

  • I agree to treat everyone on the Bunking Platform with respect
  • I agree to treat other Members of Bunking as I would like to be treated
  • I agree to do my best to provide my BunkMates with the best possible experience during the stay of a Planned Trip
  • I agree to only provide accurate and true personal or related information to Bunking to the best of my knowledge and ability
  • I agree to report other members who go against or break the Bunking Code of Ethics
  • I agree to be inclusive to everyone rather than exclusive to segments of people and Members
  • I agree to not steal information or property of other BunkMates or people
  • I agree to not mislead another member of Bunking
  • I agree to communicate with other Members of Bunking to the best of my ability at any given time


Bunking is a social marketplace built on the principles of inclusion & belonging. We believe that everyone can belong to a Trip and have like-minded BunkMates to share an unforgettable experience with. We will not discriminate based on sex, gender, race, ethnicity, religion, or faith. In the event a BunkMate is found to go against these principles, please review the BunkMate Eviction Policy section.


Bunking is a place where anybody can find a Trip of like-minded people who have good & true intentions who agrees that anyone can participate in their Trip. There is a zero-tolerance for Bullying of any kind (Verbal, Cyber, or Physical). In such an unfortunate event that a BunkMate is found to be bullying another through our Platform or any other means, Bunking reserves the right to exercise the “BunkMate Eviction Policy”. 


Bunking will recognize the exclusion of those people or entities that discriminate or exclude people based on their gender, sex, race, religion, faith, appearance, or origin. If you are found to be purposely excluding individuals or not giving the best experience possible to others, Bunking does reserve the right to execute the “BunkMate Eviction Policy” at any time without a monetary refund or credit. 

BunkMate Eviction Policy

The Platform, Bunking, reserves the sole right to execute this policy at its sole discretion and without notice. If you are found to be against the Bunking Code of Ethics, you are directly acting against Bunking’s beliefs and you will forfeit your spot in the Trip and membership for Bunking without compensation (cash, refunds, credits, or discounts).


Eviction Notice

Bunking agrees to provide you with an 8-hour or the local jurisdiction laws and required notice period before the eviction of the Planned Trip, this will herein be referred to as the “Notice Period”. Bunking does reserve the right to decide on a case by case basis if the Member has severe misconduct that the Notice Period can be enforced immediately if other members of the Bunking Community or General Public are endangered in any way. Bunking will use the contact methods provided by you when creating your profile to enforce this policy. In a severe event, Bunking reserves the right to share your information with the local authorities to peacefully or forcibly remove you from the accommodation or Planned Trip. 


In such an event that an Eviction Noticed is enforced, Bunking will suspend your account during an investigation to determine the decision. You are not entitled to a refund or compensation for your payment to join the Planned Trip. In the event that you have caused damages to a person, place, or thing during the Notice Period, you will be responsible for such damages plus a fee of a maximum of $5,000.00 USD to cover an Administrative Fee for Bunking to coordinate your departure. This Administrative Fee can be lower and will be charged to your card on file as needed. 


Failure of Payment

In the event that the payment fails to be processed within a 3-day period of the Eviction Notice, Bunking does reserve the right to share your information with a third-party collection agency until payment has successfully been accepted and processed to Bunking. 

Notifying Bunking For Code of Ethics Abuse

If you witness another member or BunkMate breaking the Code of Ethics, please contact Bunking by email at