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Bunking's CEO

Steve Cody has a wealth of knowledge and truly understands the value of creating world class software, building stellar teams, and connecting communities around the world by providing everyone with equal access to online marketplaces. Having accumulated over 30 years of experience in building companies that have employed thousands and generated over $750 million in lifetime sales, Steve has had success in multiple industries including software, marketplaces, services, and rentals. 

Steve was just 15 when he launched his entrepreneurial journey, starting his very first business with just $1200, a squeegee, a bucket, and a dream. Presently building Bunking and Bunking Ventures, Steve is also devoted to solving the Fentanyl and Opioid epidemic.

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Our origin

Bunking was born to serve a personal need. Trust, transparency, and safety are at the forefront of everything we do. When our founder's son and daughter Darren and Katrina couldn't find an affordable way to work remotely from Tofino, they  set out on a search to find other young professionals that yearned for the same adventure. They were in search of an accommodation that they could rent for three months. 

This is when our founder and CEO Steve Cody pipped up and suggested searching Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace. Steve mentioned that if they found enough people to rent out the beds and couches, they may even be able to live for free. Katrina immediately nixed the idea, expressing her very valid concerns of running into an axe murderer. In addition, Katrina and Darren couldn't find any resources where they could connect with strangers and facilitate a shared stay. There were no online platforms or marketplaces that Darren and Katrina could turn to to find vetted members to stay with. 

Our solution

After a lengthy search, it became apparent that there was no way for them to book a stay with a group of people that matched their energy. Let alone a group of vetted members that would make them feel safe in their new environment. 

As a successful social media influencer, Katrina mentioned that when booking a stay, she would love to be able to focus on collaborative living so she could immerse herself in a creative environment with other content creators. Darren also mentioned that he would enjoy staying with people that shared his passions. Booking a stay with like-minded people that enjoyed tech and product management would give him the opportunity to hone his craft, and mentor others. 


The future

Steve's passion for marketplaces, Darren’s experience in tech and product management, and Katrinas success in influencing lead the trio to Bunking. They wanted to use technology to build a community that would allow like-minded people from all around the world to connect, and share experiences. 

Thus, Bunking was born. Bunking is a social marketplace that is connecting like-minded people through flexible shared living stays and once in a lifetime travel experiences. Bunking will leverage cutting edge technology to connect you with a group of strangers that feel more like life-long friends. All members in our marketplace will be vetted, and you will have the ability to choose who you share your stay with based on shared interests, comprehensive user profiles, background checks, and reviews.

Connectivity is at the core of everything we do. Built with an ambitious goal of connecting like-minded people from all around the world, Bunking aims to streamline human-to-human connections through shared living experiences that are backed by intuitive technology. Bunking

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